Presidential Campaigns: Mohamed Selim El Awwa


With justice.... rises Egypt: This is one of the best slogans; without justice Egypt shall never rise. Justice is the highest priority, the top need for a civilized country. The campaign's definition of justice might not be the best one, but if we imagine that this slogan carries the true meaning of justice, then it's definitely the one of the best.

The poster is almost meaningless, neither good, nor bad. The background color signifies the sky, which is not bad. His name in red is a bad choice, red signifies anger and blood, the font is OK. His look has something very uncomfortable, it is sort of a cunning look.

TV Commercial
None of the three commercials have anything to do with justice, they're just stupid examples of equality that should not even be said because they're too normal to be the reason to vote for someone. This is how Egypt has to be with or with without Awwa. The stupid commercials ruin the slogan.

On the ground

He has done a few conferences and still is.  On a one way trip from Roxy to Smart Village, I saw 4 billboards of him of medium sizes. His commercials are always on TV, and on the most expensive of times too, like during the debate.


The only thing that he spends a good amount of money on is constantly airing his commercials. Knowing that he has just a few supporters, we should still know where he got his money from.   


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