We're all slaves, except a few. Slaves to our obsessions, the ones we can't live without. A car, a villa your favorite football team winning, a lover, lots of friends, shopping, food. They all enslave you, control you, eat up inside, suck the breath out of you. You can't live without your obsessions, you lose control when around them. How can you call yourself a free soul when you're under the slavery of your obsessions? How can you say you're in control when some things leave you uncontrollable?

Anything you enjoy can turn into an obsession, that's when the problem begins. Imagine how you'd feel if you had to live without one of those attachments, what would happen to you? It will shake you, maybe even break you. Like if you're holding on to ropes tied to the ground, with every rope cutting you'll bend to one side. Until at some point, all ropes might break, and that's when you'll fall, and maybe never get back up.

You can only be free when you lose all the attachments to everything you cannot control. This doesn't mean that one should turn into an ascetic who wears a piece of torn rough cloth, walks barefoot, eats only raw yucky food, talks to no one, and never has any fun. We all should enjoy all we want, but moderately. We also should never rely on those things, or live for them, or let them control us. We all should lose the attachments... But then we still can't live 100% free with nothing at all to rely on, here comes the dilemma. If anything we're attached to is an obsession, and we can't live without a point to hold us together, to put rules to our lives. The fact is that you can only attach yourself to your virtues and only virtues, because they're the only unchangeable part of the world. Virtues are the good in you, what your Creator has blown in you of his spirit. Its rope comes from above, it keeps you standing straight, living a pure life. Only then, you can call yourself a free spirit.

The question is; how can we lose all the attachments? My answer is; I have no idea, if you do please tell me =).


  1. hi mariam,

    I think u r almost having the answer.(well the answer I can provide u)

    obsessions attachments all are inside the mind right?.So why not deal with them within it.for that just research them.(what's going on within ur mind)

    There's one guideline u need to follow though.

    when u understand something don't believe that would be the final truth or don't reject it(it can't be the truth).just watch the things as an outsider.(outsiders do not have to interfere with what's going on inside.)so you don't have to like or dislike ur thoughts.
    watch them and make the decisions on the facts u gain from watching.
    facts can change and new ones can be added.
    That depends on how u see the things in the world. But the way a person see life would be based on the knowledge that person collected from his/her life.

    it can go on like that.getting deeper so I w'd leave it there.

    hope u find it helpful or wish u luck to find ur own answer.


  2. Thank you very much for your comment. It is actually very very helpful. I love your idea, I promise to try this way of thinking and will definitely write about my experience with it someday =).

    Thanks again,

    1. dear mariam,

      its good that you've liked the idea.It's I felt, I should mention that its not my OWN idea.But a fact that I've learn t from the background based on mostly from religion and society I've lived in.
      As I've already mentioned before
      "But the way a person see life would be based on the knowledge that person collected from his/her life. "
      also apply s to me.

      Anyway I've found ur blog very recently and only read just few posts so far.they were great. I do really like ur open–mind·ed·ness and writing style.

      I wish you luck.


    2. I'm very happy to know that =). Thanks again


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