Against the Current

She looked up to the ocean's droplets on the dark endless carpet. It was a moonless night, dark as emptiness, but the droplets shined like hope amid desperation. She looked up to a witness of endless memories, she looked up to the eternal view. Nature was so silent, not the sound of the waves of the sea, not the whistles of the air. It was only them and nature, they too were silent. She looked up while he looked down, he looked down to the soft golden crystals, he looked to the castles, hills and holes. He looked down to the memories of yesterday that won't be here tomorrow. He looked to grains ready to shape endless memories. They sat together but were in different worlds, the smell of lands of far away brought them back to where they were. They both looked ahead to a world that never stops moving, to a life that could take them so far from home. They looked ahead to the way that might take them to different sides, he held her hand. They knew walking against the current would be hard. He took a breath and she let it out, they stood and went, ready to face the world.


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