Born a daughter instead of a son, what a shame! Who's going to carry the father's name? Who's going to make it eternal? Have more kids, more daughters, some more, even more, it's finally a son. How can all those kids live a humane life with their father's salary? Not possible! No need to educate the girls, they'll get married and have husbands to feed them anyway, only educate the son. She goes out, she gets sexually harassed, almost raped. She can't tell, everyone will blame her. The criminal will never be punished, because if she tells, what would people say? She'll live with that secrete forever, it will stay deep in her, and will remain only there. No one should ever know about it, nothing has changed anyway.

The first man who asks for her hand, she will marry. Her father has a huge load, he has to give her away to the first man who knocks his door to decrease his awful load. She gets married, the man doesn't earn enough money, she has to work too. But she's uneducated, she'll have to work anything, no matter how bad it is. She goes back home after a long long day at a very very tiring job. She arrives the same minute as her husband. He goes to lie on his couch, she gets in the kitchen to cook dinner. She hears him snoring from inside, she feels so tired she decides to sit down for a while. He wakes up, finds her sitting with no dinner. He hits her brutally then pulls her to the kitchen to make dinner.

She goes to bed, feeling dead, aching all over. Aching of work and aching of all the hitting. He comes in and rapes her. She gets pregnant, she leaves her job. He comes in late every night from the cafe, shouting and fighting because the money is not enough. She gives birth to a girl, he goes crazy, he wants a boy. Nine months later she's pregnant again, and the story repeats itself.

The money is not enough, she has to work again, she and the girls. He stops working, and starts drugs. He hits her every night and takes most of her money. She thinks of taking her kids and leaving, but where to? Anywhere, at least he won't take her money. But how can she leave him? How not? He's not even useless, he's harmful. But how can she live without a man? But how can he be called a man? Man is not about gender, it's about acts. But the kids will live without a father. They never see him anyway. She can't leave, she has to stay, she has to bear all this, for whom? Not herself, not her kids, not him, no he doesn't deserve her. But she just can't leave.

Who's mistake is this? Her parents? Her husband? Herself? Her society? Who's responsible for her misery? Who? Nobody has an answer, because everybody is in denial.



  1. لا حول ولا قوه الا بالله :-( , this unbearable

  2. And it happens everyday and nobody does anything


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