Soul Mate

Finding your soul mate is everyone's dream, everyone wants to find their Prince Charming or princess for that matter, the love of their lives. And yes, this person exists for everyone, I've talked about that in the last paragraph of this post. But the question is who is that person? What is it that makes someone your soul mate? Looks? But looks come and go, they won't last forever. Likes? But a person can change what they like every now and then. Job? But they could decide to have a career change. Money? They can go bankrupt (and as our famous Egyptian proverb says: يا واخدة القرد على ماله يروح المال و يفضل القرد على حاله =)). So what is it that makes someone your soul mate? That you love each other dearly? Of course, yet it depends on what that love is based on.

So why do you love that person? Because they're cool like that? That could change with the change of the definition of what's hot and what's not. Because of their sweet romantic words? But these are just a result of being in love rather than a reason to love. Because of their sense of humor? But that you could find easily in a comedy movie. So what? What's a soul mate? What is true love based on? If most of these things are changeable, then definitely they can't be a reason of true love, because true love is not supposed to decay or die. True love is supposed to survive death and last for eternity.

If we listen to the phrase itself, it will explain what I want to say. Mate is a friend, one of a pair. They're a companion, one who understands us best, who knows us deep inside out.  A mate is a life's companion, a person who's ready to spend the rest of their life with you, happily. A mate is someone who knows your flaws, helps you see them in order to change them, yet knows best how to live with them. The mate is of the soul, so they're not just any friend, but a friend of your soul. What's a soul? That thing that makes us human, that puts life into us, but it's also the true self. The soul is the part of God we have in us, it's the true values, the ones that never change in us. There are many of these; kindness, generosity, justice, fighting for your rights and others', honor, respect to one's self and others, chivalry, selflessness, goodwill, etc. If these values that never change are somewhat the same, or complete each other in some way, then both souls match. How much the two people connect with their true selves is how strong their connection to one another can be, it's what's makes them mates. 

I wrote this post last year to my soul mate after spending my day in one of the protests. I don't know who he is, but I know he was there. Because one of my values is to never give up on human freedom, and part of my connection with him comes from there. From having the same fight, from believing in people's rights, from being strong willed, from never giving up, from having a sense of belonging, from believing in one's love. So whoever that soul mate is, I knew he was there with me in that protest.


  1. أنتي متأثرة بأسلوب paulo coelho
    هتبقي بتخدعي نفسك لو قلتي أن الشكل و المظهر و الفلوس مش عوامل أساسية في السول ميت ..بعني من الأخر لو في شخص بس متوفر فية كل شيء لكن من حالة أجتماعية سيئة مش هتشفية ولا هتلحظية أصلا سقي في الكلام ده

  2. الشكل مش هيفرق بنكله. لو حد من حاله اجتماعيه مختلفه اصلا مش هينفع يكون فى توافق بيننا لان اسلوب الحياه و التربيه مختلفه. فالحزء بتاع الميت مش هينفع يكون موجود حتى لو جزء السول موجود و ساعتها مش هيبقى السول ميت الا طبعا فى حالات نادره جدا صحابها بيبقى عندهم القدره انهم يشوقو الشخص الشبهم ده الغالبا مختلف عن مجتمعه. و طبعا طالما كل ده من تدايير رينا و لان لا يكلف الله نفسا الا وسعها يبقى اغلب الاحيان السول ميت ده مش هيكون فى اخر الدنيا و هتقدر تلاقيه بسهوله شويه :). موضوع باولو كويلو ده يا ريت ابقى ربعه بس :)

  3. hi Mariam

    I also believe in soul mate. though I don't know if it would become true one day.I've felt lot like you.but I've found mistake could happen.I mean in identifying.Anyway I really like your confidence and wish you good luck.

  4. Thanks for your comment =). Mistakes can always happen, they probably will happen to everyone in search for a soul mate. The trick is to believe and keep looking and not commit until you're at least almost sure. And to also be close enough to the person to know if you're mates and if your souls match. It's OK if we take our time to identify, we all have all the time in the world. There's no reason for us to be in a hurry to find our soul mates or to even get married. I don't know where you come from, but here in Egypt getting married is a must for a girl as soon as she graduates and for a boy as soon as he gets a good salary, so it's a big fight to wait for your soul mate. Hopefully it's better where you live, if you're not from here =).


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