Peaceful Warrior

It's amazing how many of us want to be something else in their "other lives". It's like we're all stuck in this bubble we call life, doing what we have to do, not what we love to do. We keep our dreams stuck in our heads, never able to see the light because we're busy. Busy trying to make enough money to live, busy trying to find a spouse to satisfy the society, wearing the newest fashion, living a life that has nothing to do with the real dream...

In my other life I am a philosopher, a lover of wisdom. I roam the world spreading what I have learned in my short life. I help people find themselves, their passions. I help people believe in their dreams, to be who they want to be, to reach eternal happiness. With every person I teach, I learn something new, about life and about myself. With every new place I see, I discover a new part of me, I discover a new power I have.

I teach people to act upon their virtues, upon whatever is timeless. I teach them to be free of all obsessions. I teach them of the timeless intelligence that I have within me, that all of us have within us. I teach to learn what they have within. To never act upon whatever is fake. I teach them to never be hypocrites, to be like my ancestors, to see and to do. I teach them about will, about their own power. I teach them about seeking the truth.

I am a worrier, I fight ignorance. I am a lover, I attract lovers of wisdom. I will change the world, I will fight oppression, I will fight faithlessness, I will fight hopelessness, I will fight helplessness, and someday I will end this age and the whole world will reach a golden age...


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