Be Free, Part Four: True Attachments

For 15 months we've been hearing news of people being killed for no reason almost every month. Most of them were young people, they were the best in us. They gave their lives for us to live a better life, they went to the front lines and fought, not afraid of death. It breaks my heart, and most of others' hearts that they died and none of their dreams came true. With every martyr who left us, a piece of my heart was broken and it won't mend until we make them proud and punish every single person who stole them from us. My heart broke although I didn't personally know anyone who has been killed, but when it came to someone I partially knew the pain was so different.

Karim Khouzam was "officially" one of my students, bur the course didn't involve me giving classes, so I never met him in person. But to come to think that he was a person who went to the same place I went to everyday, a friend of many people I know, and also a neighbor... It just hurt ten times more. And I couldn't even think how someone who knew him, or any other martyr, copes with the pain. Then when his father passed away, less than two months after he did, passed away because he couldn't bear all the hurt of losing his son, I felt so bitter, like my breath was sucked out of me. And since the day he left us and went to his son, I can't stop thinking of his wife and daughter! My heart aches every minute for both of them and I can't even imagine how they might feel.

With every new martyr, I feel like our duties have increased, that if we don't give them what they deserve we'll be forever damned (with all the meanings of the word). My attachment to every person who dies gets stronger and stronger, and with it the pain increases.... This post is not about martyrs though, simply because all words in all dictionaries can't do them justice, or can they describe how I feel about disappointing them for 15 months. This post is about true attachments, and nothing feels truer than fulfilling the martyrs dreams and doing them justice. In the next few lines I'll explain how....

They died because they believed in the truest values: equality, social justice, freedom, dignity, judiciary justice, equal respect, equal rights and duties, etc. They died fighting all the fakeness in the country, they died while fighting for themselves and for all of us. They believed and were very strongly attached to all the true values that they were ready to give their lives for them. They fought cowardliness and were not afraid of death for their timeless values. And I don't expect my words to say enough about the purest of us, but this is just one of many sides of their purity.

Being attached to every new martyr and having physical and mental pain every time someone leaves us, their family and their friends, is a true attachment. It's not an attachment to people, it's an attachment to their ideas that they gave their lives for, and of course it's an attachment to the idea that young people shouldn't die every month because of fighting for their beliefs! It's an attachment to true, timeless values that shall never change. Because even if you're against the revolution, I think we all agree that people shouldn't be killed for their ideas unless it's a war. And even if it's a war, there should be rules! The pain also has a meaning, it's the reminder that there is a revolution to continue, that many rights are yet to be fought for. Pain is a reminder to fix everything that needs to be fixed, and for that I'm so proud of that pain. And although I want it to end, it shall only end when the revolution continues and finishes, not when time buries the memories....

المجد للشهداء


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