I'm Egyptian and proud! I'm Muslim and proud! I'm Christian and proud! I'm so proud to come from a country with all these monuments! I'm so proud that our football team is...awesome like that!

Have you ever wondered about all the things you're proud of? You were born an Egyptian (or of any other nationality for that matter), weren't you? Why are you then proud of something that you didn't work on gaining? You say you're a proud Muslim (for example), although you're only a Muslim because you were born that way. You can say you're proud if you were born an atheist then decided to... change creed. You say you're a proud descendant of the great Ancient Egyptians, when you had absolutely nothing to do with their civilization, if anyone should be proud it's them not you. They're the ones who worked hard to have this civilization and they're the ones who should feel proud, and they didn't! If you feel so proud because you belong to the revolutionary generation, but have never done any revolutionary act in your life then there is nothing to be proud of.

Bottom line is, if you want to be proud or ashamed then be of something you have done, not something that you were blessed with or something that does not belong to you. Otherwise you could be happy, feel lucky, or be proud of someone that is not you, if so you wish. But please remember to be humble and not to be proud of yourself for something you have not done. You can be proud of your job, a word you said, of helping someone, of pleasing someone, of something you've achieved, even of something you've bought. But if it's not about you, then I'd like to remind you that your stealing somebody else's hard work and saying that it is yours...


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