Be Like a Bee

Busy Bee, is this a positive or negative name? Most people I know use it as a negative name for those who are always busy working and never having any fun. But the question is busy doing what? You can be busy working, exercising, eating, sleeping, chatting, dancing, thinking or doing anything else you might think of. Busy means doing something, bees never sit there doing nothing, that's why we say they're busy. They're fast creatures, they do a lot in a short time, and what they do is one very important job. Just like us, everyone of us has a very important job and not doing it well and fast will make a difference to the whole society.

Back to being busy, wasting your time on doing nothing is a crime to one's self. The time we waste everyday is enough for us to live a totally different life. We waste time not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, playing addictive video games, in traffic, saying what needs to be said in one minute in more than an hour, etc. You know how businessmen say that time is money and we make fun of them? Well, time is even more valuable than money, and it is wasted a lot more than money. And the minute you waste, can never be brought back. Do you realize that you get older without doing anything useful with every minute you waste? 

We waste time doing nothing and we procrastinate doing what's important, what we love, what needs to be done, or what should be done out of duty. We do this in order to do nothing for some time, and then we enjoy doing nothing, procrastinate some more, until we waste a good part of our lives doing absolutely nothing. By this we're not being only harmful to ourselves, but also to the society just like I stated above. This is definitely not why we were created, to waste our lives. And for that reason, I remind us all (especially me, the queen of wasting time), to make use of every minute, to not let any time fly by with you not making a difference, either to yourself or to your world.

With that, I leave you with these lovely words that I received in one of those forwarded emails many years ago and are now hanging in my room:

The Bee Attitudes
Bee busy
Doing what you love to do.
Bee true
To the dreams God's given you.
Bee sure
To taste the sweetness of each day
Bee silly
Giggle lots...take off and play.
Bee Bold
Enough to trust your wings and fly.
The power of prayer will get you by.
Bee Happy
Keep your outlook bright and sunny.
Bee Yourself...Bee-cause
You really are a honey!


  1. Is bitting included in the bee attitude ? :-)

  2. Of course =). The bee never bites unless you try to hurt it somehow. Never attack anyone unless they try to harm you. Bee nice ;)


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