Because She's a She...

The first baby, born to an upper middle class family. They're happy to have her, but they wait for the boy who's going to run the business, carry the name, be the owner of all that was made especially for him. A few years later he arrives, and they all celebrate, including his sister. They grow up and go to school, same school, but different allowance. The boy was always given more money, he was always given whatever he wanted. The girl was never treated badly, but the boy was always treated better.

Her curfew was always hours before her younger brother, and whenever she asked why she was told that girls shouldn't stay out late. Her brother starts smoking at a very young age, she knows about it but decides to stay silent, because she knows she will be blamed for not minding her own business. Her mother finds out, but never tells him stop or tells the father anything about it.

She grows up and becomes a beautiful young lady, just like all the other girls she's a victim of harassment. One day she comes crying to her mother, she had had her first severe sexual harassment that day, but it won't be the last. Her breasts were grabbed, and she tells her mother, the mother starts shouting and blaming her for the indecent clothes she wears, she tells her father. A week later, she's forced to wear hijab. The sexual harassment never stops, but she stops telling anyone about it because now she knows she's the one who will be blamed and next time she opens her mouth, she'll be forced to wear niqab.

They bought a car for the boy years before they bought one for the girl. Then one night, her brother calls from the police station, he was caught having sex with a girl in his car. The father calls a friend who gets him out of it, and all he says to the boy is: "be careful next time". No shouting, no curfew, no car taken from him, nothing.

The girl meets a boy who's everything she has dreamed of, they fall in love and plan to spend their lives together. The girl tells her mother about it, she's forced to never see him or talk to him. She's forced to never go out alone, to have her phone when she's alone, to go online without someone sitting next to her. Then the boy she loves, who comes from a good family, has a good job, and a nice background comes to ask for her hand. And although her mother knows how much she wants to marry him, they refuse to let them get married. Because there is another man who wants to marry her, the son of a friend of her father, a very very rich man. He is not bad in anyway, but there is no chemistry between them, she doesn't like him, she loves someone else. Her mother tries to tell her that he'd make a much better husband, that he'll make her much happier than the other guy, at the end she agrees to marry him. His only condition is for her to never work in order to be free to take good care of him, their home and the kids. Time passes, and she gets used to him, but she never feels happy, she lives a black and white life that she hates.

Her brother falls in love with a girl for a much lower class, a girl who doesn't fit at all to be his wife, if it was measured by the same measures of the girl's marriage. Yet everyone seems happy with her and the marriage is done. At some point the girl, now a woman, feels that she can't live this life anymore, that this isn't how life should be, that she wants to live a happy life with a person she's in love with, one who will give light to her days, one that she would love to make a family with. She tells her parents, and they go crazy. The only answer she gets is that girls of their family never get a divorce, that she would be a disgrace to the family if she did so. A year later, her brother gets a divorce and marries another, who is even worse, and makes another wedding.

The father grows old and decides to retire, he gives everything he owns to his son, and leaves nothing to the daughter. When she asks why they have done that, she is asked if she accepts that all her father's hard work goes to her husband and she can't answer. Her parents die and she decides that maybe now is the time she'd be able to live a happier life, even if alone. But she has never had a job, she wasn't left any inheritance, she has no money to be able to live alone. She also thinks of her young kids, why should they suffer? She thinks of her husband who has never been bad to her, but who she had always failed to even like. She decides that she'll have to stay that way until the day she dies. She dies young.... 

Inspired by true storieS


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