Change the World

"Change is the only constant." That is yet another paradox of ours. Yet, change is important, to the better of course. As much as we love stability, we always seek change; change of job to one that pays better, of residence to somewhere more posh, the way we dress, the way talk, etc. Then comes a day when we want to change the people around us. And although some of us might know that no one will change unless they want to and that you only help them through the way, we all try to change others. At times we fail, at other times we might succeed. Then we go on wanting to change the world, wanting to conquer it, for it to be just the way we want it to be. Sometimes we try to do it nicely, other times by force. Sometimes we want to change it to what's rightful, other times to what we want. And this all is only good or bad according to the situations. But how many times do we try to change ourselves?

Have we ever at all? Have you ever sat down and asked yourself that simple question: who am I? Have you ever tried to list all the positive and negative about yourself? And if you did, have you ever thought of changing what's bad? And if you did, have you ever taken steps to change it? It is not my purpose to make you feel useless or missing the point. My only aim is to remind you of the only person that you can actually change if you want to. That change can be a lot more effective if you start by yourself.

One of our biggest problems these awful days is that we never see ourselves wrong. The whole world can be wrong and traitors and forgers and dumb, but we are always right. This can be seen clearly from how people from different presidential campaigns talk to each other. They never see their candidate wrong, and of course not themselves for choosing him (unfortunately I have to use him rather than the neutral them since we don't have any female candidates). Many don't even see this as a flaw and they talk, talk, talk and talk some more trying to prove everybody else wrong and change them.  Wouldn't it make more sense for everyone to start by changing themselves and accepting that they can be wrong sometimes before trying to change the world?

If one thing is going terribly wrong these days, it's that we're divided into an endless number of groups, and this has only happened because we're always trying to change the world, but never ourselves. If we had tried to become better people, then help others become better people, then others helps others, and so on. If we could've done this soon enough, we would have found the whole country in the streets right now fighting all the wrong we're in.

So, for a change, sit down and list all your flaws and choose the easiest one to change and start working on it. I wish I could tell you that this could save us from the elections mess, but it won't because now it's too late. But at least when we do that, we would have cleaned ourselves of all the dirt that had lived inside of us for 30 years. Then, when we're finally out of the elections mess, we'll be able to develop the country along with ourselves faster than any of us could think.


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