Sky of Silk

I have been waiting for this day all my life, the day my wings grow and set me free. I have lived in this cocoon for as long as I remember, others call it raw silk, but I call it prison. I have have waited to see the third dimension of the world, I have waited to fly in this sea of blue silk, real silk. I have waited to feel this borderless world, then the day came and I made my hole. I went out and spread my wings ready to fly thinking that now I have become free. Then a voice came to me, saying that I can only fly a few inches, that I belong on the ground. I felt my wings, and I felt strong, like I could do anything, like I could change the world. Then the voice came back to me telling me that I'm too small to make any difference, that I'm too big for my wings to carry me. I looked above, and I saw inspiration, I felt it fly through every scale. I knew I might be small, I knew my wings aren't that strong, but I knew that if I tried hard enough I will make it. I hovered and fluttered and waved, I kept trying and just like my ancestors have done it once, I let my wings carry me. I was able to reach these ice-cream castles and fly through them, to feel the warmth of the greatest energy, to experience the real love of the greatest mother. Up there is where I knew that I will find where I belong, that I will do what I do best, and the way I make it will make a difference in the world. Up there I felt small, but I didn't care; I knew that even my small impact is important. I started it, but I knew I won't be the last to fly, because someday soon we will all be free from the negative voices and we will find our real power. We will all spread our wings, and with every hover we'll make the world a better place. We will understand the cocoons are not the real silk, that real silk lies in the change we make.


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