Remember that house we used to draw together? One door, two windows with a red roof and white walls. Who would have thought we'd bring it to life? Remember how you always chased me to steal my jam sandwich? Who would have thought I'd spend my whole life making you one every weekend? A homemade jam sandwich, done with love. Remember the garden we fell in love with the minute we saw? Who would have thought that this would be our everyday view. Remember how I always took your jacket by force when the night fell? Who would have thought you'd spend your whole life giving me tiny gifts every week? Remember that playful smile you had? Who would have thought our boy would the same exact smile?

Remember the first time you've held my hand? Who would have thought it would be forever? Remember how my heart jumped when you told me that you loved me? Who would have thought it would jump with happiness everyday? Remember our first fight after that day? Who would have thought it would be our last? Remember when I told you that today was the best day of my life? Who would have thought that every day after would be even better? Remember when you told me that you wanted to make all my dreams come true? Who would have thought that your existence made all of them come true?

Remember the day you proposed to me? Remember how I cried so much that you thought I didn't want to marry you? Remember how I spread my arms and ran like a free bird, but never felt like flying except in your arms? Remember how our parents cheered so hard when they heard the news and had the hall town celebrate with us that night? Remember how we saw no one but each other?

Remember the day we came here and chose this spot? Who would have thought that we'd forever call it home? Remember when I gave you that old drawing of ours? Who would have thought that we'd bring it to life? Remember how built it brick by brick with our own hands? Who would have thought it would look that beautiful? Remember the paint boxes, the new bathroom, the beige bedroom? Remember the pink curtains, the white breakfast table, the candles with our names engraved on them? Remember the kitchen drawer that went missing, the painting that we couldn't find a place for, the hangers that kept breaking? Remember the beautiful teapot that looked too good for us to use, the photo of you and me that fit best on the table right in front our bed, the toaster that always burns our toast? Remember the vase that was always filled with flowers, the other that you gave me when I broke the old one, the smiley face alarm that lays on my bed stand? Remember the kitten that was so tiny when it first came into our lives? Remember the gifts that were wrapped with love that we got from the whole town? Remember the sun that shines every single morning inside our little home only for you and me? But how can you forget, when for 50 years, and counting, it has always been that way?


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