Be a Bee, Part Two

I was watching the Bee Movie the other day (yes, apparently my obsessions have increased by one =)), and it gave me some more thoughts about life that I wanted to share with you. Let me first give you a small summary about the movie, but please use your imagination =). The star is a bee, Barry, who has just finished school and is going on an orientation for his new workplace, Honex, where they make all the honey. Barry immediately hates all the small boring jobs that he will have to choose one from to do for the rest of his life until the day he dies without even one day of vacation. While walking around Honex he finds the pollen jocks and decide to go out with them to see the world. He loves the trip so much, but knows the he wasn't bred for that and can't do it. Through a friendship with a human being he finds out that humans take their honey without their permission, although it takes a lot of hard work from bees to be able to make it. He decides to file a lawsuit against human beings for using their honey, and the bees win the case. Bees are given back all their honey, which is  a lot more than they could ever have, and decide to stop working. Soon enough the whole world is in trouble, bees stop pollinating flowers, and so most plants die. Barry decides that he has to fix what he's ruined, and with the help of his human friend they take the last alive flowers and decide to have the bees spread their pollens. They get on plane, things happen, they lose the pilot, bees come and carry the plane, others make a shape of a flower with their bodies that draws Barry their way, and they land safely. Bees become a lot happier that they're working again and they spread the pollen back all over the world. Barry becomes a pollen jock.

  • Barry thought that most of the jobs the bees had were boring and unimportant, Throughout the movie, it has been proven that every single job done, no matter how small it is, has a great importance and impact, and not doing it would cause a huge harm to everyone.
  • Barry wanted to go against nature and take back all the honey that was meant for humans and animals to eat, but what he's done has completely ruined the nature's balance. Maybe we too should learn to keep our mother nature as balanced as can be.
  • When something as small as a bee went on strike, the whole world turned upside down. We all have power, real power.
  • How bees fly has always been a mystery to us, because their wings are too small to carry their fat bodies, they fly anyway. Nothing is impossible.
  • The tiny bees, when united were able to carry a plane. Unity is power
  • Barry was automatically attracted to the image of the flower. God always leads us to where we belong.
  • Barry felt that he wasn't made for these simple jobs, and that there is more to life, he wanted adventures, to see the whole world. Bees are not all the same, same with people, no matter how bred you were, everyone was created for a different type of job and can never be happy doing something else.


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