Table for Two

It all happened here, in this same restaurant, on that same day, at that same hour. We were both here, but it wasn't a table for two. The minute your eyes fell on me I felt that it was you, the person who's meant for me, we both knew. We sat at different ends of the big table, but our eyes kept meeting, our hearts kept beating, our souls kept dreaming. It was so loud, but I could only hear our symphony start playing. It was so crowded, but I could only see us together till death do us part. The food was served, but I only had your scent in my nostrils, the one I knew that I'll always wake up to. The food was so tasty, but it only tasted that good because I shared it with you. So many people were talking to me, but all I could think of was the touch of your hand that was only for a fraction of a second, but felt like years.

Soon enough it was just a table for two, just you and me. This time I couldn't sense anything, because our souls took over. This time they were in control of our every move, of our every word, every smile. Somehow they knew everything about each other, they worked in harmony, in unison, they completed each other. I had a smile on my face, one I did not recognize then, one that is only drawn for you. Your face filled me with light every time you smiled, and it's that light that will always fill me whenever my world turn dark.

It was a fine spring night, we chose to dine outside on that table for two. You looked different that night, the light on your face was shining more than it has ever had. My eyes were wide open, and they saw only you. A white pigeon came out of nowhere, although it was late, it landed on our table. You looked to me and smiled. The pigeon had a note on its leg, it read: "Look to your right, I love you". I looked to you with the biggest smile and then looked to my right and my eyes filled. A waiter stood holding a tray with a heart made of white and pink roses. The minute I held the heart, the lights were turned off and candles were lit. A violinist came near, playing our favorite song. I opened the heart and you held my hand, stood up and came to my side. I looked into your eyes, they showed love, everlasting love, love that will keep me flying forever.

"You can make me the happiest man in the world, you can choose to make me live the rest of my life thanking God for being with you you, you can make all my dreams come true, you can keep the light of my smile forever, one word from you can change my life forever" With tears, happy tears, flowing down my face, you helped me open the heart. Inside was the most beautiful, yet simplest ring I have ever seen. "If you choose me, you'll always have this piece of my heart with you, and you'll always be alive in mine, will you marry me?"

It was the first place we went after we came back from our honeymoon. It was where we celebrated your first big raise. It's where we celebrated my first big painting. It's where we always took our kids. It's where we celebrated their graduation. It's where we first met their significant others. They have grown and started their own lives, and we went back to our table for two.

And now that you're gone, I come here every week, and I feel your presence with me. I hear you talking to me, telling me how much you miss me. I sit with you and tell you about my week, tell you about the hole you left in my soul. Tell you about how much it hurts, yet how happy I am for you, because I know you're in a better place. I sit there and talk with you imagining the light on your face, knowing that it has now grown. I just sit there, until we meet again.


  1. you lived a dramatic love story before, I bet... such a romantic person BUT IT'S TIME TO FACE THE TRUTH LIVE IS HARSH ENOUGH, Troubles of life WILL MAKE LOVE DISAPPEARS FOODS MONEY BECOME IN OUR PERPETUITY...SMALL INFO Problems of traffic congestion and raise the rates of divorce and family problems for 40%.



  2. A person's happiness depends only on them, no matter how complicated the world is they can be happy if they want. Same with love, it only depends on two people, they can face their problems together and be stronger together no matter what life gives them. Life isn't actually harsh, we say that to give ourselves an excuse to not work hard for example. Life is what we believe it to be, what we want it to be, and actually what we make out of it. This is how love should be, and if it's not that way it's a problem that we should fix rather finding excuses for not being able to live it. Thanks for your comment =).


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