The Street of Eden

It's that street I walk everyday, where I meet myself, my other self. It's where I reach my other world, my other life. It's where I reach happiness, happiness that gets me through my day, my life. It's that street filled with shops and coffee-shops, filled with people running in all directions. In my imagination it's nothing like that; it's that street with a garden in the middle. The garden of Eden, the garden of fulfilled dreams, of immortal hope, of eternal faith. The street is always clean, the sun is always shining there, the temperature is always at its best. The music plays all the time, comforting, relaxing music, a symphony sung by little birds. The scent of mixed flowers makes everyone walking there smile as they walk. No one is running, we're walking slowly enough to enjoy the view, quickly enough to benefit from the walk. We all know each other, we meet there everyday, we greet each other as we go, sometimes with just a smile or a quick gesture, other times we step to the side and stand together and talk for a while. We're like one big family, we support each other, we help each other, we stand up for each other, we love each other. It's where I meet happy people who have followed their dreams, who have become who they always wanted to be, who have chosen to put themselves in the place where they fit best no matter what. There are no car horns, nobody is running late, no person having a fight on their phone, no people racing each other. Everyone is at peace, happy, loved and in love. Everyone takes the time to breathe, to enjoy, yet nobody is doing nothing; everyone is heading somewhere, but somewhere they love to be. I walk there among those people, imagining where I am headed, feeling at peace. I walk alone, yet I feel loved and in love, I feel happy. I came here from a home I love, I walk there feeling excited about every piece of work I'm going to finish in the next eight hours, because it's that job I love. Then the street ends, and I snap out of my imagination and come back to the street with a big shop at it's corner, Real World is the name. The memory of my street stays with me all day long, making me happy, giving me hope that maybe someday I'm going to reach my Street of Eden in reality.


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