Almost Near

A moon looking so small lights up the whole world. A simple smile on your face lights up my little world. A moon so far away is always close everywhere. No matter how far you may be you'll always be here with me. A moon as old as time knows all the tales of love. Inside of me, I carry our stories that only both of us know, that only make sense to you and me. A moon looking so pure washes up the darkness of the night. A love ever so white brings hope in the darkest days.

I hear your voice and I'm yearning for your presence. I look to the moon and I feel you close to me, because I know that no matter how far you are you're watching the same scene. I know you can see the same moon. I feel you close, but not just enough, like lips almost touching, but not quite so.  Like breaths mixed together with the never-ending breeze. Like two hearts beating to the same rhyme, but only one is heard. Like two hands touching, but through a wall of glass.

I imagine us walking together in the moonlight in a world so quite, so serene. You whisper your sweet words and I can almost see our shadows dancing on the moon, I can almost feel your touch and my whole body shivers, not with fear, not with lust, only with love. I feel your lips almost touching mine, I feel your kiss and I'm no longer here. Your kiss flies me on a star to where you are. And only then am I with with you. Only then you 're not almost here. Only then your presence feels so real. Only when your lips kiss mine can I live one more day waiting for you to be here, not just almost near.


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