A President Who is not Mubarak

Who would have thought this day would come that soon just two years ago? We were called the generation of Mubarak all our lives because we were born and have lived under his rule and only his. We were thought of as the useless, hopeless generation that cares about nothing but migrating. We proved those words wrong, and we revolted, we fought for justice, for freedom, for a humane life, for dignity, we fought for what is righteous. But still some insisted on calling us Tahrir kids, the stupid kids who don't understand what they're doing and keep messing everything up. Some insisted on being slaves of comfort, of security, of their benefit rather than their conscious. We were left alone with everyone fighting with each other and with us. Our "leaders" chose their interest over the welfare and the future of a whole country, but we didn't. We had no weapons, we were not political experts, we only had our voices and with this we had a lot of power. We shouted and we didn't stop, we made mistakes because we lacked expertise, but we still tried. We lived 500 days under a fascist rule that had tried to kill our brothers and sisters every month and succeeded most of the time. For 500 days, we weren't scared, we didn't give up, with every death we became stronger, we became more courageous and they became more cowardly. We fought fascism in its so many forms and we won. We won by bringing down the regime one more time, yet we know that the battle is far from over. We kept strong for 500 days and the idea will never die even after five million days. Yes, we won, you might not see it, but there are some pros, as well as cons, after 500 days of military rule, which we have lived until today.

  1. Shafiq lost.
  2. The regime has lost another war.
  3. The new president is not called Hosny Mubarak and he is a civil one, although not secular.
  4. Morsy has won by a miracle called "people who had to vote for him because there was no one else." Now MB should know their true influence is on just the five million voters who voted for their candidate in the first round. 
  5. Revolutionaries who stayed in Tahrir for the past few days have brought us fraud-free elections.
  6. The number of pro-revolution citizens is much bigger that those against it. Because:
    1. Morsy, being the worst candidate and farthest from revolution had still won when put against a murderer of the revolutionaries. Meaning that if a frog ran against Shafiq it would have won.
    2. If you count the number of boycotters and nullifiers, the number increases.
    3. Some pro-revolution people had still voted for Shafiq. Yes, whether you believe it or not, this has happened. Some couch party people wanted the revolution, but when stuck with an Islamist decided to go for Shafiq
  7. The revolution WILL continue.
  8. It's a good chance for people to see the real face of Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists in general.
  1. We are now, again, ruled by a religious fascist and a militaristic fascist
  2. The Muslim Brotherhood care about their interest and only theirs, I doubt they're going to do anything of any good.
  3. There probably has been yet another agreement between the SCAF and the MB and they'll sell us, yet again.
  4. The next four years (if he stays for four years) are going to be a very hard fight for our basic rights, and probably won't make any better.
  5. The constitution needs to be saved, urgently, from the hands of both Islamists and SCAF.
  6. The revolution is still not ruling and the fight is still as hard.
  7. Whoever is putting SCAF's plan is much wiser and more experienced than us and we don't know what else they have in store for us.
  8. For the next four years, if SCAF don't surprise us again, we won't be able to do justice to our martyrs, their families, or the injured.
  9. MB will do their best to put their people as heads of all governmental departments to take control of everything. Same thing that has been done by the military for the past 60 years.
You see, there are pros and there are cons to the results of these elections. And the truth is that the battle is still long, but at least we were able to stay on the right track although we've been fought on all fronts. Hopefully this time we will learn from our mistakes and do things right. Yes, we won a battle against the old regime, and yes, we lost another against Islamists. But the most important thing is that we're still here, and we're still strong. So there is no need to fear anything, the revolution continues.


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