Why do you Speak?

Do you count your words? Are they of any importance to you? Do they count? To you or to others? Are they worth your time? Do they make a difference? Just think, do you speak to seek the truth, or to force your opinions? I've grown only knowing of discussions and never heard of something called dialogues. I knew that people should not fight in discussions, but I understood that the only aim of having a conversation is to try to make your...opponent... agree to your words.

The truth is that this is not how all conversations should be, the truth is that something other than discussions does exist. Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone in order to find a truth rather than to force your opinion? This is called a dialogue. In a dialogue you don't play games, you don't force anything, you don't talk of unchangeable opinions. You speak with a clear mind in order to refine your views. You think of nothing but what it truthful, not what's best for you, not what is easier, not what will make you win, just the truth.

With all the politics talks that have started between all sorts of people 18 months ago and won't stop, with most of the talk shows, with the parliament sessions, we see nothing but discussions, most of which end disastrously. But dialogues do exist, and they are what we need and they have a lot more meaning than discussions. So starting today, I will promise myself not get into discussions unless it's very important, and to only seek meaningful dialogues rather than meaningless discussions so help me God...


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