Emotional Egypt, Part Two

And since I talked about emotions and politics yesterday, I'll have to say this too. Yes the president-elect's every action and every word has to be watched and analyzed very closely. Those of you who are very angry about this and want the rest to give him a chance, remember when we were saying the same thing about the SCAF? Remember when we closed our eyes to their intended mistakes and it only resulted in more intended mistakes? You do realize that we reached a point of a soft coup because we trusted them too much, don't you? We got emotional and shared the photo of the soldier holding the baby on the tank and most of us (and happily not me), took photos with their tanks. We chanted happily the army and people are one hand, we forgave them so many times, and it only lead to this catastrophe.

So set your emotions aside this time, and remember that giving someone a chance has nothing to do with watching his every move. Yes, there is his 100-day promises that we'll judge upon and a website, The Morsi Meter is already up for this reason, but this is not the only thing. His promises are far from enough, we have every right to push for him to do things right. And here I'm talking about absolute right: that everyone has enough money for food and shelter, that we live in a just society, that the very few rights that we already have are not stolen from us, that we have our freedom, that we have our dignity. Isn't this why we had a revolution? Isn't this why people died? So why blame us now when we push for that?

Those who were angry, were angry because some didn't like Morsy's speech for example. Well, this is not about opinions. You do realize that the acceptance speech is about sending messages to all people to reassure them that their worries of him have no place, right? If some didn't like the speech then he failed to send the reassuring messages to everyone. Using a lot of Qura'anic verses and tribal words would only make those afraid of an Islamic rule freak out. And although I only think that the problem is that the person who wrote this speech is very stupid, I see people not liking it as something very healthy. He probably meant good with his first speech, and if he sees that the message was not sent correctly then he knows that his speech writer is not of any good and has to be changed. See? It's healthy. And again, same thing with his body language, he has already gone through a speech course in the past few days for the same reason.

Should I stay silent if his speech is too religious? If he thinks of us as a family and he's the father? If he thinks that we should obey him and not all of us obey the law? Should I stay silent to all this just to give him a chance? No! Opposition is a guide that makes him stay on the path of the people, it shall never stop or stay silent to give him a chance. Should I ever stay silent if he decides to hand the ministry of education or higher education to Salafis?? The answer is simply NO!

Talking about the way he dresses or how he recited the names of most governorates in a country-wedding-like way is silly of course, but real analysis is always needed. So don't get all emotional and feel that those who oppose him hate him, because, again, emotions have nothing to do with analysis.

The talk about his wife is only stupid, from both sides actually. Yes it's nice that she's just a lady like the majority of Egyptian ladies and being a daughter of Fallah who has reached being the First Lady is something. Her religious views and the way she chooses to cover herself is not anyone's business. BUT, she'll have to dress more formally, she is now the most elite lady in the country. And of course this has to happen without her changing the way she chooses to cover herself. And again stop letting your emotions control you here. Yes no one is allowed to force her to change her beliefs, but also yes, she'll have to have a stylist and dress more formally. Those who are spreading facts that the woman used to work as a translator are just funny! Her education stopped at high school, how can she be a translator? And even so, why is this of any importance? Why is this a job that anyone wouldn't even dream of, as the post says?

All I want to say is that this time we need to be cautious and focus and stop letting our emotions control us. I got all emotional when I heard him during his 4:00 am press conference telling someone to call home so they can see him, but this shall change nothing. I'm here to listen to his every word and watch his every action and oppose whatever needs to be opposed, let that be by just saying an opinion or by protesting or by anything to force him to stay on the right track. And if he is unable to do so because SCAF are not letting him, he only has to say it and he'll have the support of millions. If he stays silent, then he should accept all sorts of opposing and blaming.  I shall not care about the circumstances unless he tells me what they are. It is his choice, he either keeps us in the light, or plays in the dark, and in the second case, don't blame the opposition for making him pay for it.


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