Enough of Sexual Harassment in #Tahrir and Everywhere!

No it's not OK, to have to worry about walking in the streets of my own country everyday. No it's not acceptable that I need a male companion to protect me from horny boys who are not getting any. No I will not stay at home in order to hide from boys with sexual and mental problems. No I shall not be blamed for it. No, my government doesn't give a damn about it. No, my parliament hasn't helped either, in fact it will increase it after not allowing porn websites and next thing we know, we will be raped in the streets with everyone watching. No, I shall never stop talking about it in order to keep the reputation of the revolution clean, the revolution is in Egypt, and Egypt has serious sexual harassment problems that no one is trying to solve. No, harassers should not be treated nicely, yes they should be slapped, kicked and hit, not just by us but by everyone, they should be stripped out of their clothes and thrown in the streets for everyone to watch. No, it's not acceptable that a man sees a lady being harassed and he does nothing about it if he can. No, a girl should never be embarrassed of saying that she's been harassed or assaulted. No, I will never stop revolting, I will not leave the streets because of some animals who can't control their bodies, but no, I will never stay silent about it. No, I won't ask for your help, because it is simply your duty to help if you can.


  1. There are still some free noble guys who can protect you .... we re stilll fine !

  2. No, we're not fine. If I have to live under the mercy of finding a noble man every time I walk in a street then we're not fine. I shouldn't need anyone to protect me, I should be able to walk in the street freely not worried being harassed, assaulted or even raped!

  3. Well said! You're absolutely right and only when we're able to recognize the full extent of this disgusting behavior will we be able to change - blinding ourselves and silencing the victims is not what's going to move Egypt forward.


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