Ideas don't die

The poem I'm sharing with you today is about an idea that had fought death for more than 60 years. An idea that had been fought to kill by the strongest and worst of enemies, yet it's still alive inside of millions of us. People die and it stays strong. People die and the idea grows. This is just to remind you of people next door who have been fighting a fight a lot worse than ours, whose leaders are doing nothing but fighting each other for power. For more than 60 years they have never, for a second, decided to give up, because ideas are bullet-proof. I'm reminding you of this because many of you have become depressed and even gave up. It's OK if you want to do so, but just remember, that no matter how long this is going to take we're going to win in the end. So it's up to you if you want to live a more comfortable life, or be a part of the fight. Read and enjoy, and I've also added the song =).

عن إنسان
 محمود درويش

وضعوا على فمه السلاسل
ربطوا يديه بصخرة الموتى ،
و قالوا : أنت قاتل !
أخذوا طعامه و الملابس و البيارق
ورموه في زنزانة الموتى ،
وقالوا : أنت سارق !
طردوه من كل المرافيء
أخذوا حبيبته الصغيرة ،
ثم قالوا : أنت لاجيء !
يا دامي العينين و الكفين !
إن الليل زائل
لا غرفة التوقيف باقية
و لا زرد السلاسل !
نيرون مات ، ولم تمت روما ...
بعينيها تقاتل !
وحبوب سنبلة تجف
ستملأ الوادي سنابل ..!


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