Emotional Egypt

So yesterday the president-elect Mohamed Morsy met with the first group of families of the revolution's martyrs and injured. And of course, as a normal human being who could have never dreamed of being president except after those people have given up their lives, sight, or parts, he was very sweet and respectable to them. Now his picture with them is all over the place and people are feeling so happy about it and talking about how great of a president he is to meet those people in the presidential palace.

I would like to remind you of some things that have happened during the past year and half year. Remember when MP Akram El Shaa'er stood in the parliament and talked about the martyrs and injured saying that they don't want money, but they want every person responsible for their loss to be punished? Remember when he cried and had most of the members, and Katatny, cried with him? Remember when he had us all crying with him? Well, do you remember what this parliament has done for those families? NOTHING, oh yes, gave them money! And yes, those same people, or most of them, let people die again and again and did nothing, except talking if they even talked at all.

Remember When PM Essam Sharaf did the same thing exactly? He met with the families and we were also so happy and got all emotional about it. We were all so proud of the revolutionary PM who cares about the best people in us and thought that he'll do them justice and everything, remember? Well, he did nothing either, whether this is because he couldn't or he didn't want to, this I don't even need to know. I don't care because if he couldn't and stayed in his position then he is still irresponsible to me. But not only did he not do anything, his minister of interior killed even more people!

Then of course, you do remember General El Fangary and his tribute to the martyrs. Back then we kept our eyes closed to the fact that some of these martyrs lost their lives because the army tanks opened the way to the thugs. Yes, I'm talking about the Camel Battle. And of course, just a short while afterwards those same people, that the general speaks for, injured, killed and detained so many of us.

We all know how much the picture was all over the place. Everyone shared it, and we all got so emotional about it and loved it and even felt lucky for it. After months of people trying to open the eyes of the majority, that the SCAF are our enemies and not our friends, we still shared it again and again and again. Remember when we stopped? When there was another picture of him.

They dispersed sit-ins violently, detained thousands, let people die in El Balloon protest, and most of us said and did nothing, only when the same general shouted at us and gave us the warning figure did we get angry. It's all about emotions in this country, all about emotions.

There were four versions of the same story that happened in only 17 months, yet we fall again and again and again for the same mistake. We make a big deal out of emotions, we forget that they're playing on it. We forget that they mean nothing if done alone. What is saying something and doing its opposite? It's called hypocrisy. So unless words and actions are in harmony, there is a problem.

Don't fall for words again, the president-elect meeting those families is nothing but a simple part of his duty, don't get all emotional about it. It's when he actually brings them justice that he's done his whole duty. And although no one should be cheered for for doing what they have to do, cheering then would make much more sense than now. Stop letting your emotions control you, because they have proved to be wrong three times before.


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