Graffiti of Life

This is to thank every single person who to took part in putting the million meaningful words into a thousand artistic pictures drawn on the walls for everyone to see, enjoy and reflect on. This to thank every person who  kept our martyrs, our angels of hope, alive with us. Every person who had reminded us everyday of the evilness of Mubarak and that the Tantawi, Shafiq and Moussa are just the other face of the same coin. Every person who showed us how Mother Isis always sent inspiration, will and wisdom to her children and always will. Every person who had given us a part of Harara's vision that he lost his eyes for. Every person who showed us the pigeons that carried the turtles to revolution and freedom. Every person who was able to see through every wall and break it without moving it. Every person who fought stereotyping. Every person who was aware of other people's problems of even being unable to cook. Every person who saw revolution in the eyes of all different types of people.  Every person who showed us the real meaning of the elections, who showed us who are the puppets and who is the puppeteer. Every person who asked WHY? when everyone else was silenced. Every person who made us laugh in the worst of times. Every person who reminded us of the mothers of the martyrs and how they feel. Every person who was able to break the cells of all the detainees. Every person who made us believe that after the worst thunderstorm a rainbow will be born and the sun will shine again.


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