#MubarakTrial: Some Scenes

This is not to cover the "trial of the century". This is not to analyze the horrible verdict. This is not to cry over the never-ending injustice. This is to try to see the thoughts behind some scenes in this black day.

Mubarak coming late as he always does, the whole country waits for his arrival as if he is still president. He gets out of the ambulance lying on his bed, hands below his head, sunglasses on, as if he is sunbathing. He simply doesn't care, he doesn't give a damn about the trail or the verdict.

The sons of Mubarak and himself get in the cage and people start chanting against them, dissing them, praying to God to take vengeance from them. And the minute they all are in, the court orders silence, so he does not hear the people.

The judge tells everyone to stay silent whatever happens, as if knowing how unfair his verdict is going to be. Then he goes on with his hypocrisy talk about the revolution as if to tell people, "I'm on your side, please don't hate me". He makes tens of mistakes in his speech, including mistakes in Quranic verses. Says so much about our just judiciary system, a just judge who can't read and write properly.

The faces of all the criminals look different this time, they look very terrified and worried during the judge's speech. Adly's assistant's are close to tears, the Mubarak sons are not able to stand still.

The minute the judge finishes his speech and is ready to say the verdict, Alaa Mubarak starts saying his prayers. I wonder how close to God he was when he used to use his father's power to control a whole country's economy.

As the verdict is said, Mubarak looks indifferent, Adly looks just a bit worried with a small smile, the assistants start crying or saying their prayers as they know of their innocence. It's beyond me how they act so innocent when the whole country knows what they've done. Mubarak looks as if he knows what the verdict is going to be and that it is simply meaningless.

Right after the judge finishes his words, the room roars with chants in the face of the judge: "the people demand the cleansing of the judiciary system". The amount of anger is unbelievable, although was expected.

A daughter of a martyr loses consciousness, then she wakes up screaming for her father who is not with us anymore because of people who are now free.

A young man runs to another and beats him very brutally. People take him away before he kills the guy (probably the son of one of the assistants). The angry young man turns so red with rage, so hurt with disappointment.

People run to the cage, but the police knowing how unfair the verdict is have quickly take the criminals very quickly out of the courtroom.

A father of a martyr gets a heart attack right after he hears the verdict and loses his life on the spot.

Protests erupt again...



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