Court Poets

Go back in time, not so far from today. Have you ever heard of court poets? It has always been there all over the world, but the most popular were that of the Abbasid period. Go back in time and read El Motanaby's praise poetry written for Saif El Dawla El Hamadany, and not only him but many others too. Also not only El Motanaby, there has always been an endless number of court poets throughout history. Their mere job was to write praise poetry, or hypocrisy. Why? For the rulers' enjoyment.

Why am I bringing this up now? Because court poets still exist, and in fact their number has dramatically increased and they have spread so much. Have you seen the number of fantasy stories that have spread over the social media about president-elect Mohammed Morsy? Have you seen the newspapers' pages filled with hypocrisy to congratulate him? Have you seen the hypocrisy messages sent to Al Jazeera Masr? Have you seen the number of hypocrisy songs that have been made for him? Have you seen how people now chant his name? How they chanted "we love you Morsy" for him in the square that has once revolted against hypocrisy?

We create our own tyrant, we make him feel like the best man in the world, and we give him every chance to oppress and to be corrupt. Then we sit and cry in the end. We give him a god-like picture and then we ask why he acts like one. We give him a halo of sacredness, then he makes mistakes and no one is allowed to say that he's done wrong because he is sacred.

Please stop, stop the hypocrisy, don't make a saint out of him. Not because he is bad, or good, just because he'll feel like a saint and not accept to be treated otherwise. It's up to us to make him act as a human being or as a god-like creature. So if you do like him, respect him and treat him as a human. Don't help him feel perfect, because power can corrupt, and hypocrisy gives more power, and more power will only result in more corruption, which will only result in more hatred...


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