My Ethical Choice #مبطلون

The past couple of days have been a series of accusations aimed at me for deciding to invalidate my vote. Shafiq supporters tell me that by doing so I am giving way to end secularism and have a religious fascist state. Morsy supporters tell me that by doing so I am giving way to end the revolution and have a militaristic fascist state. Sahfiq supporters stop here, because we think too differently, but Morsy's supporters, those of them who supported him in the first round and those who had to support him to get away from Shafiq, never stop throwing the worst accusations at me. Now I'm the one who is going to make Shafiq win, but not only this, I'm also stupid and need someone to explain things to me, I also act upon my hatred to MB and not upon the general interest, AND I'm not revolutionary enough, yes! Well, the simple truth is that by not giving my vote to anyone, I DON'T MAKE ANYONE WIN. If Shafiq wins, theoretically speaking, he'll win because of the people who voted for him, not because of those who didn't vote for him. Similarly, If Morsy wins, he'll win because of the people who voted for him, not because of those who didn't vote for him. So where does this put me? Nowhere near these elections. This is exactly why I'm writing this post, to say why I want nothing to do with these elections. And while we're at it, I should point out that some people were actually trying to force me to vote for Morsy or else accept to be called the reason for all the bad in the world.

  • I'm a revolutionary, not a politician, or any sort of political activist. This means that I will not always go by politics wherever it may take me. Politics are many times dirty, and in my humble opinion, playing dirty politics makes me dirty. I'm revolting for justice, for purity, for freedom, for an equal chance to stand out for everyone, for everyone to be able to live a dignified life. I'm revolting for beautiful values, playing dirty politics is not part of this beauty. My vote comes from my morals, I will not choose an immoral choice because you think it's better.
  • Revolutions don't accept unacceptable compromises, they fight for the best. So not accepting your compromise does not make me less of a revolutionary.
  • I shall not bring a fascist to rule my beloved country because I'm afraid of another fascist.
  • I've said before and I'll say it again, I can never vote for someone I don't even half accept. My conscious is more important than your dirty politics.
  • I shall never even think of voting for someone who killed people right before my eyes for any reason of the world.
  • I shall never vote for a party who left people die before my own eyes and went on their way for the elections not caring how many people were killed, how many eyes were blinded, how many children were orphaned, or how many ladies where stepped on and stripped out of their clothes of the street. I shall never vote for a party who stopped  me from reaching my own parliament and attacking people right before my eyes to keep us away from the parliament. I can never vote for a party that wants to take the whole country for itself and have proven it many many times. I shall never trust  a party who has already lied too many times before.
  • I shall never fall for the same mistake twice, I thought that these elections would be free and fair and I was proven wrong by the first stage which had many sorts of fraud. I shall never be part of a dirty act that will only result in the person the SCAF chooses to actually win.
  • I don't see into the future, but I see the past which will reflect on the future. What I see is that both candidates will do nothing right, they will not meet any of the revolution's demands and will take us back to worse times. Shafiq might kill more, but in both cases many will be killed. In both cases we will go backward, not forward. This is what I see,  I might be wrong, but right now this is my opinion. If I see this and do the exact opposite by voting for the best of the worst then I'm a hypocrite, and I don't want to ever be one for any reason.
  • Call me passive if you like, but I see passiveness as accepting half solutions. Being active is accepting only the acceptable, and if there's no acceptable choice, and active person shall make one. I will not give legitimacy to someone who does not deserve it. Let whoever may come come as you wish, and I'll be active by opposing him, if we ever reach this moment. And no, I can't vote for someone when I know that I will be opposing his every move, hypocrisy again.
  • My invalidated vote won't change anything right now except decreasing the legitimacy of the winner. But neither would vote for any of them change anything, because if things go on as they're planned, then the next few years will be a nightmare in any case.
  • I shall never try to change the mind of someone who plans to vote for Morsy, it's not my business whatever you choose to do. If you're someone who is voting for Shafiq  and I care for you, I shall try my best to awaken your conscious because I care, and in the end the choice is yours. This is not because I hate Shafiq, but because some parents lost their children because of that man. 

* If my words against Shafiq are less than those against Morsy this doesn't mean I'm against Morsy more. It means that Shafiq is more out of question.


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