We Will Make it

It was a small protest, it was very hot, but we still made it. The spirit was as nice as it has always been, yet there was a part missing in every person, something that you'd lose in the wound of disappointment, a feeling that people are giving up. It was felt in our voices, in our claps, but we still made it. We had a huge flag, 120 meters I was told, that we carried to hide under its shade. We still made many people run to their balconies to see us, we still were heard, but we said our chants while wondering if we'll ever make it. It felt like another fight coming to an end, it felt like losing one more fight, it felt like we were alone with everyone against us with the losers we call politicians.

 At the times of Mubarak, I didn't have hope, yet I had faith that has never left me, not even for a day. My hope is not that big today either, but my faith is filling me. I simply know that we will make it, no matter how long it's going to take, we will make it....


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