Stupidity is repeating the same mistake ten times and expecting different results. Stupidity is trusting in someone who has broken their promises an endless number of times in just a little more than a year. Stupidity is depending on stubborn politicians that want nothing but power. Stupidity is fighting for power selfishly until everyone loses it. Stupidity is not learning any of the lessons, and not listening to the voice of the wises. Stupidity is letting out the anger without having a plan. Stupidity IS not having a plan. Stupidity is turning a clean revolution into a dirty political game. Stupidity is wasting the time and energy of millions without having a clear demand. Don't ask me what is not stupid because I don't know, but what I know is that it's unfair to waste yet another wave of the revolution because we have a failure of politicians who are thinking of nothing but their own benefit. I just don't see us going anywhere with what we have now. So until further notice, I have no idea what we're doing!


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