A Gift from a Star

A moonless sky full of stars, an empty street, not a breath. The sound of waves coming my way. A see of darkness bringing me peace. A lonely soul looking for love, sees a light coming from afar. It disappears and I look ahead, to a light  of a city that never goes to bed. It's so far from here, not a soul is heard. White, yellow, green, red. Lights all sending messages from the far away land. They run in the sea like on an exiled land. A sea so loud with murmuring sounds of secretes carried from another ground. The sound of splashing, near midnight, a jumping fish? A lost life? A romantic fling, looking for a private swim? A child screams with hurt or fun. The sound of footsteps on a lost turn. A highway by the horizon, to heaven or to hell? Stars that look at a lone soul, show some mercy bring me hope. They smile at me, and one winks my way. It whispers to me, make a wish and I shall obey. I look to it in the eye, take a breath filled with ocean's air. I spread my hands so wide, and make a wish with all my heart. The sound comes closer and I see your face, a light so comforting in the darkest space.


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