How Youthful are you?

It is not of age, it is of soul. An 80 year old can be more youthful than an 18 year old. An 18 year old can be older than an 80 year old. No matter how much you grow, your soul will always be youthful if you want it to be. Not because you're afraid of growing, but for always wanting to be a soul that makes a difference in the world.

A youthful soul is flexible, it can adapt with different surroundings without having to suffer. A youthful soul is not afraid of change, it's not a slave of comfort or stability. A youthful soul is always ready to learn, it never feels that it had enough of learning, it never feels like it knows it all, it always feels the need to know more, to ask why, not just how and what. A youthful soul is never scarred, it might fall and get hurt, even suffer, but it heals very soon with no scar that reminds it of the time it got hurt. A youthful soul is active, it wants to do things, to see new places, to work, to volunteer, to always do something and to never do nothing. A youthful soul is creative, it is not conventional or traditional, it thinks outside the box more than inside. A youthful soul is a risk-taker, it is not afraid of trying because it might fail, it is does not refrain from doing a right action because the consequences might worry it. A youthful soul is hopeful, it has big dreams, but not just dreams of sweet words, it has dreams and a plan to achieve these dreams. A youthful soul is productive, it always brings out something of everyday it is alive. How old are you?


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