When you hear a piece of news and you feel like something inside of you has broken, know that you have fake attachments, that you're having fake hope. True hope is hope that only depends on you, on your actions. Hoping that someone else will do something is fake hope which will easily shake you and even break you. It gives you wrong expectations that will probably result in your disappointment later. Strength and honor are what keep you happy, doing what you have to do is what makes you happy. What others do or not do must not affect you, expecting everyone to be the same, to do whatever is righteous is not only wrong and will disappoint you, but also unfair for those people. People are not the same, some can't do the right thing, others won't do it. Let your happiness only depend on you doing the right action. Let others do what they will do and let go. Let them be who they want to be, and remember it's none of your business. You can try to help others be better, but you can't change them unless they want to change themselves. You can be at peace while others do wrong, all you need to do to feel this way is to do your duty, and lose the guilt you have for not being able to change others.


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